Family seeking closure

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Missing Aiken County woman's family hoping for closure


By Ashley Campbell

A North Augusta family should be celebrating a mother's 39th birthday. But instead they're wondering where she is.

Lisa Shuttleworth disappeared from her home in Beech Island nearly five years ago. The last time family members heard from her was on the telephone that morning. Now her daughter and mother are left with unanswered questions.

Looraine Maybrey is her mother.

She said, "You would think after five years it would get easier but it doesn't. She's a part of me.”

Krystina Shuttleworth is Lisa’s daughter. She said she’s upset that her mother isn’t here to see her grow up.

Shuttleworth said, "She deserved to be able to watch her kids graduate, be there at her kids wedding. I'm sorry; I'm going to there to hold her grandchildren. She’s not."

Now life is at a standstill for Mabrey and her granddaughter. They are left with unanswered questions.

"It's like I can't hit play until I find out what happened and why...and I'm so scared I'm never going to find out. That's the hardest part," said Shuttleworth.

Mabrey said, "Everyday we get up, it goes through our minds, where is she...she's not here, it’s this cloud hanging over our heads."

Although Lisa Shuttleworth’s case is still on investigators desks, the family hopes by talking about Lisa, someone somewhere will lead them to her.

"I want them to come forward, they can be anonymous, I don't care, just bring my momma home," said Shuttleworth.

Maybrey said, "We just don't want the public to forget her because I'm afraid if they do, that person will never come forward and we may never find her."

The hope of finding Lisa is the one birthday wish her family is making for her.

"If there could be one wish that I had, it would be closure, nothing else," said Shuttleworth.

Maybrey said, "Parents are suppose to die before their children and um that's why. We just miss her a lot.”

Lisa's family celebrated her birthday Wednesday. They had a special cake made in her memory and released balloons at the Riverwalk in downtown Augusta.

The Aiken County Sheriff's Office said the Lisa Shuttleworth disappearance case is still active.

They said the only thing missing from her home was her purse and there were no signs of forced entry.

Investigators said they are still gathering evidence and remain hopeful.

"They are confident we're in the right direction...we feel real good about this case...investigation,” said Investigator Charles Cain, Aiken County Sheriff’s Office.

If you have any information about Lisa Shuttleworth, please call the Aiken County Sheriff's Office at (803) 642-1762.

Her information is also posted on the National Center for Missing Adults web site.