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COLD CASE: What Happened To Lisa Shuttleworth?
Five years ago, Lisa Shuttleworth was supposed to pick up her young son from the bus stop, but she never showed up
Thursday, Jun 26, 2008 - 06:25 PM 
image of Lisa Shuttleworth and her children, before she went missing, five years ago
Five years ago, Lisa Shuttleworth was supposed to pick up her young son from the bus stop, but she never showed up...and she was never seen again. There were no signs of a struggle, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and today, her family is still looking for answers. WJBF-TV News Channel 6's Joy Howe sat down with Shuttleworth's family. She has more on the story.
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By Joy Howe

Beech Island, SC -- Her car was in the driveway, a pot of tea was on the stove. Her purse was missing, but there were no signs of a struggle. Today, investigators join the family in believing she didn't just walk away from her life. Somehow, Lisa Shuttleworth was taken.

She has her mother's eyes.

Loraine Mabrey, Lisa's Shuttleworth's mother: "The older she gets, the more she looks like her, to me..."

Krystina Shuttleworth sits on her mother's lap in, at 19, she sits beside her grandmother.

Krystina Shuttleworth, Lisa Shuttleworth's daughter: "She's my mom, when my mom was gone, she was here. She hasn't left my side."

Krystina and her younger brother live with their grandparents, and have ever since their mother vanished, on September 4, 2003. They celebrated her 39th birthday this week, writing messages on balloons that they released by the river.

Loraine: "It helps to get all that out. I have written things to her, several times. I guess it's like therapy."

In five years, the family has gotten closer. Krystina graduated from high school...her brother is now the age she was, when her mother disappeared. Not a day goes by that they don't think about their mother.

Krystina: "Somebody out there knows something, and how they can keep it in for nearly 5 years is beyond me."

Krystina says her brother worries he'll forget his mother's voice and her face, so they keep pictures close by. The search continues, but the family says they don't hope Lisa will be back, any more, they hope someone will give them a body to bury.

Krystina: "She would want me to be strong, she would want me to be doing this. Because she would be doing this for me."

Krystina says she plans to go college and become a criminal investigator. She wants to study forensics and work on missing persons cases.

Aiken County investigators say this is still a "very much open" case. Just last year, they received new leads that they are following up on.